Spring Issue

Table of Contents

  1. Message from Immediate Past President

  2. Message from AAOM President

  3. Message from Publications Committee

  4. Oral Medicine Specialty Status

  5. List of the 2016 AAOM Officers

  6. A Personal Story: "My Journey to Becoming a Diplomate of the AAOM"

  7. Upcoming Event: Fall Meeting University of Louisville, November 4, 2016

  8. European Association of Oral Medicine (EAOM) Meeting in Italy, September, 2016

  9. Attention Oral Medicine Colleagues: Have You Ever Considered a Trip to India?

  10. UCSF Oral Medicine Celebrates its Past, Present, and Future

  11. Harvard School of Dental Medicine


Editor: Juan Bugueno

Co-editor: Bhavik Desai

Photography Editor: Paul Vankevich

Editor Emeritus and Copy Editor: Michael Krakow

Message from Immediate Past President
Dr. Ross Kerr

This year's annual meeting at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta was a smashing success. There were 271 attendees, 64 attending for the first time, and with 90 coming from outside of the United States. In particular, we were honored to welcome the President of the European Association of Oral Medicine, Alexandra Sklavounou, and the President of the Japanese Society of Oral Medicine, Seiji Nakamura. The meeting opened superbly with the inaugural Sol Silverman Jr Memorial lecture delivered by George Demetri from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and was followed by a particularly wonderful cocktail/supper reception. Read More

Message from AAOM President
Dr. Wendy Hupp

Greetings from Louisville, Kentucky and the Ohio Valley!  I am very honored to be the new president of the American Academy of Oral Medicine for 2016-17 and look forward to another great year of accomplishments by our group.  I have had an interesting time meeting new members and connecting with old friends over the past few months, and hope to engage as many of you as possible. Read More

Message from the Publications Committee
Dr. Bhavik Desai & Dr. Juan Bugueno

On behalf of the Publications Committee we would like to extend our greetings and invite you to be enthusiastic participants in our activities.  Dr. Juan Bugueno and I, Bhavik Desai, have taken over the Committee for 2016-17 and it is a great honor to serve on this committee.  We will endeavor to best further the mission of AAOM. Read More

Oral Medicine Specialty Status
Dr. Juan Bugueno

Am I an Oral Medicine specialist? Having graduated from an accredited oral medicine residency program, being a candidate to become a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Medicine (ABOM) and having "unique knowledge and skills beyond those commonly possessed by dental school graduates to provide specific oral health services for the public and contribute to professional education", the answer to this question would be an unequivocal YES! Read More

List of the 2016 AAOM Officers
Dr. Juan Bugueno

Wendy Hupp: President
Miriam Robbins: President-Elect 
Eric Stoopler: Vice-President                         
Lauren Patton: Secretary 
Scott DeRossi: Treasurer 
Nathaniel Treister: Assistant Treasurer
Andres Pinto: Assistant Secretary               
Carol Stewart: Past-President 2014-2015
A. Ross Kerr: Immediate Past President 2015-2016
Michele Reeder: Executive Director

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A Personal Story: "My Journey to Becoming a Diplomate of the AAOM"
Dr. Temitope T. Omolehinwa

As a graduate dental student of the College of Medicine University of Lagos, I had a particularly interesting faculty member, Dr. Gbemisola Agbelusi, whose method of teaching was unique, engaging and interesting.  Her demonstrational examples of her patients' signs and symptoms were so funny, however, and still so vivid in my mind, that up until now I cannot miss the diagnosis of those conditions when I see them in the clinic.  I am sure by now you would have taken a good guess that she was an oral medicine professor.  She was my motivation to pursue a career in oral medicine. Read More

Upcoming Event: Fall Meeting University of Louisville, November 4, 2016
Dr. Wendy Hupp

Course Description: Dental health care providers are well suited to be partners with patients and other health care providers regarding cancer.  From simply discovering a suspicious lesion to managing oral manifestations of the therapy, dentists can and should play a role in improving the prognosis and quality of life for our patients.  This course will review the epidemiology, screening techniques, genetic markers, and oral manifestations of treatment for oral cancer and other cancer patients. Read More

European Association of Oral Medicine (EAOM) Meeting in Italy, September 2016
This information has been taken from the EAOM website

The local organizing committee would be delighted to welcome you to the 13th Biennial EAOM Congress to be held in Turin on 15th-17th September 2016. This is the first time Italy hosts a EAOM convention. Read More

Attention Oral Medicine Colleagues: Have You Ever Considered a Trip to India?
Dr. Ross Kerr

The International Academy of Oral Oncology will be holding its 6th meeting in Bangalore, India, May 17th-20th 2017 (see www.iaoo2017.com). This is a multidisciplinary oral cancer meeting with cutting edge sessions. It would be great to have a strong oral medicine presence there. India is a fascinating country to visit. Read More

UCSF Oral Medicine Celebrates Its Past, Present, and Future
Dr. Caroline Shiboski

The recent reception held May 3rd to celebrate the opening of UCSF's Oral Medicine Clinic's new location was an occasion to both honor the past achievements of its founder and to highlight the future of the Clinic with a spotlight on its new educational initiatives, collaborations, new faculty  and clinic programs.

In addition to looking ahead at the clinic's future, the gathering was first and foremost to pay tribute to the legacy of the late Sol "Bud" Silverman Jr., longtime professor of oral medicine who founded the clinic in 1956. 

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Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Dr. Alessandro Villa

The oral medicine residency at Brigham and Women's Hospital Harvard School of Dental Medicine (BWH/HSDM) is an intensive training program, with clinical training based at BWH as well as other Harvard-affiliated teaching hospitals, including the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital. The program culminates in a certificate of completion, with options to pursue a master (MMSc) or doctoral (DMSc) degree from the HSDM. The BWH Division of Oral Medicine and Dentistry is led by Chief Dr. Nathaniel Treister, with attending faculty Dr. Stephen Sonis, Dr. Sook-Bin Woo, Dr. Hani Mawardi, and Dr. Alessandro Villa. Read More

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