Board of Trustees

AAOM's Board of Trustees sets the Academy's strategic directions and provides oversight to see that the organization's goals are met. Many Board members are also committee chairs who participate actively in the accomplishments of the Academy's programs. Below are the BOT members for the year 2017-18.

Executive Committee

  • Miriam Robbins, President
  • Eric Stoopler, President-Elect                      
  • Lauren Patton, Vice President
  • Nathaniel Treister, Treasurer
  • Andres Pinto, Secretary
  • Vidya Sankar, Assistant Secretary        
  • Wendy Hupp, Immediate Past-President 2016-2017
  • Ross Kerr, Past President 2015-2016
  • Michele Reeder, Executive Director 


  • Dr. Robert Arm, Past President
  • Dr. Ronald Brown, Past President
  • Dr. William Carpenter, Past President
  • Dr. Robert Eskow, Past President
  • Dr. Martin Greenberg, Past President
  • Dr. Ellis Hall, Past President
  • Dr. Wayne Herman, Past President
  • Dr. Michael Huber, Past President
  • Dr. Joseph Konzelman, Past President
  • Dr. David Lederman, Past President
  • Dr. Francina Lozada-Nur, Past President
  • Dr. Nelson Rhodus, Past President
  • Dr. John Robinson, Past President
  • Dr. Allyn Segelman, Past President
  • Dr. Michael Siegel, Past President
  • Dr. Tom Sollecito, Past President
  • Dr. George Taybos, Past President

Committee Chairs

  • Dr. Kentaro Ikeda, Abstracts and Participation Programs Subcommittee Chair
  • Dr.  Michael Hatton, Academic Fellowship Chair
  • Dr. Scott De Rossi, Budget and Finance and Website Committees Chair
  • Dr. Thomas Sollecito, Constitution and Bylaws Committee Chair
  • Dr. Sivappiriyai Piri Veluppillai, Graduate Awards Committee Chair
  • Dr. Miriam Robbins, Honorary Fellowship and Awards Committee Chair
  • Dr. Vidya Sankar, Membership Committee Chair
  • Dr. Craig Hatch, National Meeting Committee Chair
  • Dr. A. Ross Kerr, Nominating Committee and Oral Cancer Task Force Committee Chair
  • Dr. Leticia Ferreira, Organization of Teachers of Oral Diagnosis Committee Chair
  • Dr. Martin Tyler, Historian/Policies and Procedures Committee Chair
  • Dr. Joel Napenas, Program Directors Committee Chair
  • Drs. Bhavik Desai and Juan Bugueno, Publications Committee Co-Chairs
  • Dr. Dennis Abbott, Publicity and Public Relations Committee Chair
  • Dr. Peter Lockhart, Research Committee Chair
  • Dr. Wendy Hupp, Search Committee Chair
  • Dr. Nathaniel Treister, Scientific Sessions Subcommittee Chair
  • Dr. Craig Miller, Specialty Recognition Chair and OOOO Journal Editor