Academic Affiliate Fellow

Academic Affiliate Fellow is a new fellowship for AAOM. AAOM understands the future of oral medicine rests with a variety of healthcare practitioners spread across a variety of healthcare disciplines. AAOM is encouraging collaboration among practitioners to expand patient access to oral medicine care.

AAOM is proud to announce the implementation of the Academic Affiliate Fellowship in conjunction with its initiative, The Future of Oral Medicine. Now a variety of healthcare practitioners can join the ranks of other AAOM Fellows in being recognized as attaining the highly respected and sought-after credential of Fellowship.

The Academic Affiliate Fellowship can be obtained by holding Affiliate membership with AAOM and passing the AAOM Affiliate Fellowship examination which is given once a year at the AAOM Annual Conference. Affiliate Membership is a non-dentist holding a doctoral degree or a professional degree in dental hygiene or any other related healthcare discipline. These individuals are typically involved in teaching, research, or practice in oral medicine and are not otherwise eligible for another category of membership.

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From left to right: Dr. A. Ross Kerr, Ms. Andrea Cline, 
Dr. Mike Hatton, Dr. Nancy Burkhart, and Dr. Wendy Hupp