Academic Fellow

Academic Fellow status in the American Academy of Oral Medicine is a highly respected and sought-after credential for Oral Medicine practitioners who demonstrate proficiency in diagnosis and management of oral mucosal diseases, difficult oral/dental diagnoses, orofacial pain, and dental management of medically complex patients. Fellowship encourages practitioners to pursue higher levels of knowledge and skill in the practice of Oral Medicine. Fellowship, Honorary and Academic, may be granted only to an active member of the Academy and shall be effective only as long as membership in the Academy is maintained.

AAOM offers two types of Fellowship, Academic and Academic Affiliate Fellowship. Learn more about Academic Affiliate Fellowship here

Academic Fellowship

Regular members of AAOM are eligible to sit for the Academic Fellowship exam if they meet the qualifications below. Regular members are defined as graduates of accredited dental or medical schools in any country. 

Those who wish to pursue the Academic Fellowship credential in AAOM must demonstrate their qualifications by:

  • Maintaining membership as a Regular Member in the American Academy of Oral medicine for at least one year prior to sitting for the examination.
  • Attending at least two annual conferences, one of which may be the year the examination is taken.
  • Demonstrating proficiency in Oral Medicine through teaching oral medicine, a residency program, hospital affiliation, oral medicine publications, and continuing education courses in oral medicine.
  • Submission of an application form and a curriculum vitae that provide documentation of the above. Payment of $300 is required at time of application.
  • Successfully complete a written multiple-choice and essay examination, given each year at the Annual Meeting. 
  • Challengers of the academic fellowship exam may be requested to return for a brief oral discussion if questions arise during grading immediately after the exam.

Academic Fellowship Exam Testimonial

I passed AAOM Academic Fellowship Exam in 2022 and I will never forget the warm welcome I received from the Academic Fellowship Exam Committee. I have significantly improved my skills thanks to preparation for Academic Exam and feel more confident now in providing care of my patients and in giving oral medicine lectures.

Markéta Janovská
Department of Oral Medicine, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles university

In 2023 I took and passed the AAOM Academic Fellowship exam. The Academic Fellowship Exam Committee made the process enjoyable and is such a welcoming organization. This process of becoming an Academic Fellow has improved my confidence level and clinical skills associated with oral medicine. I recommend the Academic Fellowship to all who are interested in expanding their expertise.

Nicole Piscatelli, DDS
Department of Oral Oncology at Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, NY



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