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              AAOM's Fall 2022 Newsletter

Read a message from your AAOM President, Members Highlights, News from the Schools, and more.

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Editor: Dr. Juan Bugueno
Co-editor: Dr. Chizobam Idahosa

Editor Emeritus and Copy Editor: Michael Krakow


Message from the President, Nathaniel S. Treister

Dear AAOM Colleagues:

It is amazing how time flies – it has been 6 months since our gathering in Memphis and assuming the presidency of the AAOM. With the support, inspiration, and passion of the membership we serve, the AAOM is at the initial phase of the strategic plan that Dr. Pinto shared at the General Assembly meeting. 

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AAOM Membership and Members Highlights

Jeffrey Goetz, DDS, MD, MA

My path has been circular, kind of like the oral cavity. I’m currently a second-year resident in oral medicine at Penn Medicine. I entered the field after completing an intern year in primary care-based internal medicine at the University of Nevada, Reno (2020-2021). In 2018-2019 I completed a Master of Arts in Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics at Stony Brook University. 

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News from the Schools


In light of the recognition of oral medicine as a specialty by the ADA, and in order to be more progressive, the name of the Department of Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences has been changed to “The Department of Maxillofacial Medicine.” The department currently boasts seven board-certified specialists and one with an AAOM fellowship credential. 

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Examples of WESTOP Legendary Cases, 2022

Jerry Bouquot, DDS, MSD

77-year-old male. This man first noted multiple asymptomatic, broad-based exophytic nodules of the left and right lateral dorsum of his tongue 4 months earlier. They initally increased in size but have not changed for at least 2 months. He has not smoked for 50+ years and he contracted Covid about two months ago, without hospitalization.

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ADA Officially Recognizes Oral Medicine Definition

Oral Medicine: Oral Medicine is the specialty of dentistry responsible for the oral health care of medically complex patients and for the diagnosis and management of medically-related diseases, disorders, and conditions affecting the oral and maxillofacial region.


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