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Milda Chmieliauskaite will begin as the graduate program director on 06/01/2022

Calendar of upcoming events:

UW Oral Medicine just celebrated 50 years as a department and where featured as the cover story/featured article in the UWSOD Alumni Association News.


Outgoing/incoming residents:

  • Outgoing: Dr. Neetha Antony, Dr. Suhaib Borgeia, Dr. Ohood Mohammed
  • Continuing: Dr. Surbhi Chugh, Dr. Kevin Chung, Dr. Jocelyn Vivas Castillo
  • Incoming: Dr. Hakan Gem, Dr. Jing Li

Awards of any member of your Department/School:

Dr. Rania Abasaeed and Dr. Nick Sotak were recognized at the ABOM Diplomates Luncheon as new ABOM Diplomates. Both successfully achieved Diplomate status in 2021.


Dr. Peggy Lee – Oral Medicine/Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology promoted to Associate Professor.


Drs. Surbhi Chugh, Mark Drangsholt, Suhaib Borgeia, David Dean, Rolanda Ward, Stuart Taylor, and Neetha Antony attend the Poster Session at the 2022 AAOM Annual Conference in Memphis, TN.







Roopali Kulkarni, D.M.D., M.P.H. 

Name of the Program Director/Department Chairman/Division Director:

  • Program Director: Takako I. Tanaka, DDS, RCSEd.
  • Assistant Program Director: Roopali Kulkarni, DMD, MPH
  • Department Chairman: Thomas Sollecito, DMD, RCSEd.

Calendar of Upcoming Events:

  • Friday, June 17th: Residency Graduation, Class of 2022
  • Friday, June 17th – Friday, June 24th: New Resident Orientation

Outgoing/Incoming residents:

  • Outgoing Residents:
    • Dr. Andres Davila, Chief Resident
    • Dr. Roopali Mahajan
    • Dr. Farzad Nourollah-Zadeh
  • Incoming Chief Residents: Dr. Payam Mirfendereski, Dr. Sara Aldosary
  • Incoming Residents:
    • Dr. Afrah Alfaifi
    • Dr. Naser Alkandari
    • Dr. Maya Ramachandran
    • Dr. Heba Turkstani
    • Dr. Natalia Trehan

Awards of any member of your Department/School:

  • Dr. Roopali Kulkarni, Instructor of Oral Medicine, Earle Bank Hoyt Award for dedication and excellence in teaching, Penn Dental Medicine, 2022
  • Dr. Eman Alamodi, PGY-1 Oral Medicine Resident, AAOM Case Report Award 2022
  • Dr. Sara Aldosary, PGY-1 Oral Medicine Resident, AAOM Case Report Award 2022
  • Dr. Andres Davila, PGY-2 Oral Medicine Resident, current Chief, AAOM Oral Presentation 2022
  • Dr. Andres Davila, PGY-2 Oral Medicine Resident, current Chief, Penn Dental Medicine Advances in Clinical Care and Education (ACCE) Day Travel Award Winner, 2022
  • Dr. Adeyinka Dayo, Assistant Professor of Oral Medicine, Award for Excellence in Oral Health Research, Clinical Research Innovation Day, Colgate-Palmolive Company, 2022
  • Dr. Adeyinka Dayo, Assistant Professor of Oral Medicine, Trailblazer in Oral Health Research Scholars of African Heritage (TORCH) Award, Colgate Palmolive and the National Dental Association Foundation, U.S.A., 2021

Brief scientific information about discoveries and breakthroughs related to oral medicine or other disciplines, in your school/department:

  • Dr. Sunday Akintoye, grant: Penn Global Research Grant, PENN/UNILAG Collaboration on Racial Disparities in Ameloblastoma Recurrence 
  • Dr. Kelly Jordan-Sciutto, grants:
    • Title: “Effects of cannabinoids, HIV and ART in human iPSC-derived CNS tri-culture” R01 DA053982: National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Drug Abuse Principle Investigator: Kelly L. Jordan-Sciutto  
    • Title: “Effects of HIV and ART on myelination in the adolescent” R01MH126773: National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Mental Health Multi Principal Investigators:  Kelly Jordan-Sciutto, Ph.D. and Judith Grinspan, Ph.D.                            


  • Dr. Thomas Sollecito, Chair and Professor of Oral Medicine, completed his term as the President of the American Board of Oral Medicine.
  • Dr. Alicia Risner-Bauman, Assistant Professor of Clinical Oral Medicine/Restorative Dentistry, received Diplomate status from the American Board of Special Care Dentistry.
  • Dr. Thomas Sollecito and Dr. Roopali Kulkarni were named national media spokespeople for the American Dental Association.

Penn Dental Medicine Alumni Reception at the AAOM Annual Conference 2022


An Honorary Fellow of AAOM, Dr. Jerry Bouquot is the patriarch of our department and the classic clinician/academician. Jerry continues to serve the citizens of West Virginia and beyond through teaching, participation in the biopsy service, and writing grant proposals among other activities.

As many of you are aware, he has been known to present original research at a national meeting and turn around the next day to give a six-hour seminar for a few residents 1000 miles away. It is not unusual to find him up at the office on the weekend or after hours, even after his “retirement”. Furthermore, no matter the topic or time of day, he is always willing to lend a hand to colleague, staff or student.

We are so grateful for his commitment to the profession and school but most of all we are thankful to call him a friend.

With regards -

Steven B. Whitaker, D.D.S., DABOMP

Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Diagnostic Sciences
School of Dentistry, West Virginia University