Organization of Teachers of Oral Diagnosis Meeting

Informal OTOD gathering took placed in King's Fish House, 100 W. Broadway Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802, during Monday; 03/20/2017 (6:00-9:00 pm). Dr. Leticia Ferreira gave a quick presentation about the OTOD. Dr. Ferreira talked about OTOD's history and explained its current mission, which is "to develop, improve and distribute CPC/virtual cases to dental faculty members who are involved in the teaching of diagnostic skills relative to oral and maxillofacial lesions". Dr. Adibi acknowledged and thanked Dr. Ferreira's for her service as the chair and as a chair-elect prior to that for past several years. He acknowledged and thanked Dr. Bilodeau for accepting to serve as chair-elect for coming term. Drs. Leticia Ferreira, Shawn Adibi, Elizabeth Bilodeau, Sonal Shah and Ezinne Ogbureke presented five CPC cases. We believe that this would be a good way for OTOD members/meeting attendees to learn from each other's clinical experience and for all OTOD colleagues to increase their collection of CPC cases for teaching purposes. After discussions over cases, the official OTOD speaker of day, Dr. Bill Carpenter presented with the title of "Two Approaches to Oral Diagnosis". Limited drinks and appetizers provided sponsored by AAOM for this meeting. All the attendees were very pleased with the 2017 OTOD meeting and we received great feedback. Finally, OTOD continues to sponsor a presentation at the annual AAOM meeting and has again selected a recipient who will announced at the 2017 AAOM meeting, for its lifetime achievement in teaching award.