Participation in the Newsletter

AAOM NEWS, the Newsletter of The American Academy of Oral Medicine, has the following goals:

  1. To communicate timely and valuable news to the members of the Academy; 
  2. To build cohesion and a sense of common purpose/motivation among Academy members;
  3. To encourage active participation of the members by providing updates of their professional activities.

To make this newsletter successful and able to accomplish these objectives, we need systematic collaboration from all of the members of the Academy.  I would, again, invite you to contribute to our quarterly newsletter.  Please share any newsworthy information with us that may be of interest to the oral medicine community, such as: legislative/policy updates pertinent to AAOM; upcoming  scientific events; photos and reports of recent events; news from oral medicine residency/fellowship programs, academic departments or other societies; brief scientific publications; member profiles or personal stories; career information, such as promotions, relocations, or a list of open positions in oral medicine; letters from AAOM members; personal life events/milestones; other feedback and suggestions.  Please let us know what is going on in your life!

Dr. Juan Bugueno

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