Message from Dr. Wendy Hupp, AAOM Past President

Greetings to all and I am so glad to have seen so many of you in Orlando during our last meeting. It was amazing to hear that many of my colleagues recognized me from my photograph on the website and program. How is that for social media working in our favor!

I had a wonderful time working with the Academy as President, and believe that any one of you can achieve this position if you desire it. Just let one of the executive committee members know that you are interested in getting involved. Unlike our U.S. President, we do want you to have some experience in other positions before you take over the top spot! I started out on a committee and worked my way up, with great gratification along the way. We are also a fun group to work with so why not volunteer this year…

Arrangements are already in the works for the next few annual meetings, and I hope to find you at these valuable sessions in the future. I am always happy to see you and catch up with what you have been doing, and I look forward to seeing all the educational activities, publications, and research that we accomplish as Oral Medicine Specialists. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the chance to have been President!


Dr. Wendy Hupp

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