Message from Dr. Miriam Robbins, AAOM Past President

Dear Colleagues:

I want to thank you again for the honor of serving as your President for this past year. Thanks to our supportive SBI management team lead by our peerless ED Michele Reeder, a committed EC and BOT and hard-working committees under the leadership of outstanding chairs, this year has allowed us to establish a solid foundation to facilitate the continued growth and ongoing evolution of the Academy. One of my stated goals was to develop strategies to bring oral medicine to a wider audience. This year saw the publication of two new clinician’s guides and several new clinical practice statements, the establishment of the Affiliate Fellowship and reworking of the Academic Fellowship, an increased public presence across multiple social media platforms and an improved website. There was also the creation of a joint ABOM/AAOM task force charged with developing a white paper to look at ways to enhance strategically the discipline of oral medicine by capitalizing on the benefits of specialty recognition for both Diplomats as well as for the AAOM membership as a whole. Registered attendees from 22 countries and the highest number of registered students enjoyed our exceptional annual meeting ever. This is a good start but we must continue to attract an increasingly diverse membership across different professions, both nationally and internationally.
All good things end. I have enjoyed the past year and the opportunity that I was given to be part of the leadership of this organization. It is noteworthy that three of the five women who have had the privilege to serve as President during the Academy’s 73-year history did so during the past four years. The Academy continues to evolve and I look forward to seeing what the next year brings as we continue to find new and innovative ways to bring our specialty to the forefront. I want again to take the opportunity to thank my husband Niall for his love and support and infinite patience for the countless late dinners.

Thank you,

Miriam R. Robbins, DDS, MS

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