A Personal Story: “A New Diplomate in Illinois”

I graduated from Pharos University of Alexandria, Egypt in 2011. I practiced as an intern in my hometown, Alexandria, for three months and then went on to complete an internship year at King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia. During that year, I found myself curious at how the oral, systemic and mental health of my patients affected their oral cavities. Therefore, I went on to pursue a residency in oral medicine in 2013 at the University of Washington, Seattle. I loved the detective work needed to match the symptoms with the right diagnosis. It was satisfying to witness patients in tears of relief because they were learning about their conditions for the first time after years of searching. During the program, I learned to communicate with patients regarding a diverse range of conditions including oral cancer screening, management of oral lesions/manifestations of systemic disorders, salivary gland disorders and halitosis, orofacial pain and TMD, fabricating dental sleep apnea appliances and participating in an emergency as well as special care dentistry. 

As an ABOM diplomat and general dentist, I now enjoy my career in private practice in Illinois. I want to build a solid reputation for being a compassionate, trustworthy professional, skilled at making fast and accurate diagnoses. I look forward to developing my professional skills and keeping up to date with advances in the field to ensure patients are provided with the most effective service possible. 

Dr. Dina Moustafa Hamm, DDS, MSD, DABOM, FDS RCSeD

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