Photos of the 2018 AAOM Meeting


2018-2019 AAOM officers taking the oath. From left to right: Patty Greenberg, Patti Rhodus, Drs. Kentaro Ikeda, Carol Anne Murdoch Kinch, Vidya Sankar, Nathaniel Treister, Andres Pinto, Lauren Patton, and Eric T Stoopler

2018-2019 AAOM President. Dr. Eric T Stoopler giving his inaugural speech as the new AAOM President


Members of the AAOM Board of Trustees 2018

Presidential Awards Banquet. From left to right: Drs. Jim Cade, Cesar Migliorati, Peter Lockhart, and Rajesh Lalla 

Presidential Awards Banquet. From left to right: Drs. Lujain Homeida, Dalal Alomar, May Alsenani, Anwar Almuzaini, and Dalal Alhajji

Dr. Sunday Akintoye giving his Herschfus Memorial Award’s speech acceptance

Dr. Craig Miller and Dr. Michaell Huber, who is receiving the 2018 Diamond Pin Award

Presidential Awards Banquet. From left to right:  Hannah Farrar (D3 student UTHSC), Dr. Juan Bugueno, and Jonathan Carrera (D3 student UTHSC)

From left to right: Drs. Martin Greenberg, Scott De Rossi, and Thomas Sollecito

 Closing reception. From left to right: Mrs. Robinson, Dr. John C Robinson, Patti Rhodus, Patty Greenberg, Mrs. Tyler, Mrs. Hatch, Dr. Craig Hatch, Dr. Martin Tyler, and Dr. Martin Greenberg


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