Message from Dr. Miriam Robbins, AAOM President

It is a great honor to serve as president of AAOM for the upcoming year. This is an exciting time. Not just for me, as the new leader of this organization, but for all of us. The recognition of oral medicine as a specialty has the potential to propel us to new levels. The opportunities are endless. We can thank Drs. Miller, Brown, Peterson and everyone who worked so hard to make this a reality.

So now, we need to develop strategies to bring oral medicine to a wider audience and seek to grow our membership. Not only through increasing the number of oral medicine residency programs and diplomates, but by actively engaging other groups of professionals that share similar interests and passion and can enhance the organization. Moreover, we must bring a greater oral medicine presence to predoctoral education as well.

It will also be crucial that we continue to monitor the environment around us and recognize changing influences so that we can respond appropriately. We have changing demographics among our current members. This means that the needs and wants of the organization are going to change.

One of my goals is to explore new, more effective ways to encourage networking, professional development, sharing of ideas, communicating and collaborating, and advancing our profession. We are exploring using technology in new and innovative ways that will allow us to engage more of our members utilizing multiple media platforms.

As we bring the members of our organization closer together, we need also to look at ways in which we can work together with other organizations. This includes not only better communications, but also actually leveraging our collective power to affect change.

No one has enough time these days, yet AAOM is a thriving organization due to the volunteers who freely contribute their ideas, energy and time, despite multiple competing professional and personal demands. I would like to acknowledge the current executive committee, the Board of Trustees, the ABOM Board and the numerous committee members for their commitment and hard work. Want to be part of the action? Consider serving on a committee. Feel free to contact me or any of the members of the executive committee to discuss ways to get more involved.

Thank you again for this opportunity to serve you as president of AAOM. I appreciate your faith and confidence as I look forward to a successful year.

Miriam R. Robbins, DDS, MS

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