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AAOM President's Message

Message from ABOM Past President

2020–2021 AAOM/ABOM Officers

2020–2021 AAOM Awards

Member Highlights

News from Schools

Case Western Reserve University Interview with Dr. Andres Pinto

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AAOM 2021 Self Study Now Closed

Thanks to all those who participated in the AAOM 2021 Virtual Annual Conference. The self study is now closed as of May 31, 2021.

ADA Officially Recognizes Oral Medicine Definition

Oral Medicine: Oral Medicine is the specialty of dentistry responsible for the oral health care of medically complex patients and for the diagnosis and management of medically-related diseases, disorders and conditions affecting the oral and maxillofacial region.

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AAOM's Spring 2021 Newsletter

The Spring 2021 Newsletter contains messages from your AAOM leadership, Academy announcements, a new Member Spotlight, and more.

Message from the President

Dr. Andres Pinto

As I ponder over the past twenty-two years of my journey in Oral Medicine, I am impressed by the multiple milestones our specialty has achieved. In the dawn of this new phase of our Academy, we face a critical juncture requiring careful and strategic thinking.

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Message from ABOM Past President Dr. Cesar Migliorati

Dear Diplomates and Colleagues,

At the end of April 2021, I stepped down from the ABOM Presidency after an unexpected two years term due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thomas Sollecito, the current Vice President will take over the command of this great group of colleagues and friends, the ABOM directors.

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2021–2022 AAOM/ABOM Officers

AAOM Officers

President: Andres Pinto
President-Elect: Nathaniel Treister
Vice-President: Vidya Sankar
Secretary: Jaisri Thoppay
Treasurer: Kentaro Ikeda
Assistant Treasurer: Sunday Akintoye
Assistant Secretary: Alessandro Villa
Immediate Past President 2019-2021: Lauren Patton
Executive Director: Felicia Kenan

ABOM Officers

President: Thomas Sollecito
Vice-President/Secretary: Nagamani Narayana
Director of Examination: Jeffrey Casiglia
Treasurer: Craig Miller
Directors: Alexander Ross Kerr, Stuart Taylor, Michael Brennan
Past-President: Cesar Migliorati

2020 and 2021 AAOM Awards

Congratulations to the many winners of our 2020 and 2021 AAOM Awards.

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AAOM Member Highlights

Dr. Yesser Khaled

Dr. Kentaro Ikeda

News from Schools

Hear from the University of California, San Francisco; the Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine; the University of Washington School of Dentistry; and the West Virginia University School of Dentistry.

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Case Western Reserve University & THINK Magazine Article

AAOM President Dr. Andres Pinto speaks with THINK Magazine in article, "Solving Painful Mysteries: When Andres Pinto isn’t busy sleuthing, he’s leading the American Academic of Oral Medicine."

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